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Restaurant-cafe of Turkish cuisine Galata

Looking for new gastronomic discoveries and just want to have a hearty and tasty meal? Welcome to the restaurant-cafe of Turkish cuisine with a concise and memorable name Galata. This is a good place where you can not only enjoy a fragrant, tasty, healthy breakfast and dinner in a comfortable atmosphere, but also to get acquainted with the peculiarities and secrets of the cuisine of hospitable Turkey.

We have been open since 2012 and during this time we have earned trust among residents and guests of the Russia’s “Northern capital”.

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What people are saying about our restaurant

Excellent Turkish food for reasonable prices

It is really a very good place. Cozy, clean with absolutely good food.
My favorites are Sunday breakfast (11 a.m. to 2 p.m.) when they serve open buffet style breakfast and weekday lunches (12 – 4.pm) .
Both are excellent value for money.
The food quality is also high.
Highly recommend .

Daria A

posted on, TripAdvisor - 1 May 2017

The Best restaurant ever

We have enjoyed our meal there, it was delicious and the best Turkish food served by Galata cafe, we ate Izgara tavuk and it was very good, Highly recommended.
The Owner Mr.Zeki was very kind even he dropped us to our hotel when we couldn’t give the accurate address to the Taxi !!

Bilal I

posted on, www.tripadvisor.ru - 22 November 2015

Very good Turkish restaurant
Wonderful restaurant. Delicious food, large portions, attentive waiters, fast service. Very tasty oriental sweets.
Elena Z

posted on, tripadvisor - 30 Aug 2017

Chef Recommends

90.00 ₽
sesame bun
Borek, cheese, brynza, ham, sausage, black and green olives, egg, tomatoes, cucumbers, honey, halva, tahin, jam
600.00 ₽
Pieces of beef fried with vegetables, on the bed of yoghurt. Served with fries and grilled vegetables
Karni yarik
540.00 ₽
Eggplant baked with minced beef, tomatoes, bell peppers and onions
Adana, chicken kebab, lamb kebab, cheese and walnut wrapped in thin pita bread*
Hyunkar begendi
520.00 ₽
Fried pieces of beef on the bed of eggplant and cream cheese sauce
Lamb hashlama
450.00 ₽
Served with onion and lettuce

The Galata restaurant-cafe has a store at its premises.

You may not only eat well here, but also buy ingredients for cooking Turkish dishes or ready-made products: churchkhela; baklava; basturma; shalgam; sujuk; teas, spices, olives and more.

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Do you value relaxing, friendly atmosphere?

Our interior will sway your mood!

The Bettaso restaurant offers a cozy, home-like atmosphere to help you enjoy your dinner and have a peace of mind… We assembled a strong team of professionals, all of whom aspire to constantly excel and step it up!!