People love Turkey for warm golden sand, gentle sea, big bright sun, all kinds of natural and architectural attractions. This could seem the end of list …but what about Turkish food? Kefta, baklava, lahmajun, lukum, alinazik, lamb chops, traditional kebab, sausage, soup, ishkembe, Turkish pastries and, of course, the legendary Turkish delight is a real pleasure for foodies and lovers of delicious, nutritious and healthy food.

The Galata restaurant-cafe has a store at its premises.  You may not only eat well here, but also buy ingredients for cooking Turkish dishes or ready-made products:

  • churchkhela;
  • baklava;
  • basturma;
  • shalgam;
  • sujuk;
  • teas, spices, olives and more.

Turkish food grants feeling of care, it symbolizes the desire to share the best. What should you choose – depends on your preferences. Everything is presented on a showcase: look and choose.

Our meat is always tasty, juicy, tender and soft. The desserts are prepared according to the most various recipes and are the sweetest. Our store is a paradise for sweet tooth. Turkish cuisine is distinguished by unique tastes and extraordinary diversity.

Galata Restaurant-cafe will surely become your favorite place where you can feel as if you are in sunny and warm Turkey


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